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Tongue Piercing Aftercare:

1 tsp. salt + 500mL water

- Rinse your mouth using the salt water mixture detailed above any time anything goes inside your mouth that isn't water; such as juice, other beverages, food, after vaping/smoking, brushing your teeth, etc.

- Drink more water than you usually would to help relieve swelling, at least 2 Litres per day

- Avoid sharing cigarettes, vapes, smoking equipment, kissing, and other people's bodily fluids for a minimum of one month (four full weeks)


- Avoid touching your piercing or the surrounding area

- Avoid drinking alchol for a minimum of one to two weeks; alcohol will dehydrate you and this will make your swelling worse

- Avoid sharing vapes, cigarettes, smoking equipment, forks/spoons, etc; other people's germs are different than yours and this is not safe for your new piercing

- Do not use rubbing alcohol, peroxide, antibiotic ointments/creams, ear piercing solution, bactine spray, etc. - all these products are for external use only, which means keep away from your piercing)

- Avoid other people's bodily fluids including kissing and oral sex - their germs are different than yours and this is not safe for your new piercing

- Avoid any weird healing methods your friends may have used - please ask us first!



- Be sure to check and, if necessary, tighten any threaded beads/disks/ends/gems on your jewellery on a regular basis, with clean hands of course! (righty tighty, lefty loosey)

- You can downsize your barbell as early as two weeks, but the sooner you downsize the more likely it is that you will require a second downsizing

- Do not get into the habit of tapping the beads on your teeth - dental work is painful & expensive!

- If you see a small amount of white around the hole for the first few days this is probably just waterlogged scabs and is likely nothing to worry about

The better you adhere to these guidelines and listen to what your body has to say, the better you should heal. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to CALL US! We will be able to provide you with the right information regarding your modification!  // 403.984.3232  //  1528 - 17th Ave SW  //  Open Thurs-Mon 12 noon until about 7pm
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