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Tattoo Artists


With a passion for all things either queer or viking-related, Felicia brings a long time love for tattooing and artwork to the shop and is excited to continue taking on new clients and new pieces. She loves to do all kinds of tattoo work - so bring her whatever you'd like! When she isn't tattooing, Felicia enjoys hanging out with her cats, playing video games or Vampire: The Masquerade, and cosplay. Felicia's hourly rate is $165+GST.

Sailor Geoffrey was trained to tattoo in Sendai, Japan at The Tattoo Shop Sendai (formerly Spotlight Tattoo) by Kato and finished his apprenticeship in 1999. His specialty is American traditional tattoos with his own Japanese flair. He's a DC Comics buff, and when we're not sure about any aspect of a DC character, this is the guy we go to for answers! Geoff is as a pretty quiet guy most of the time, but when this guy opens his mouth, it's comic genius! His coil machines run the loudest in the shop, but it only makes us love him more! Geoff's hourly rate is $165+GST.

Chrys Goldberg just loves tattooing. He loves working on big pieces, small pieces, custom pieces, old pieces, new pieces, colour pieces, black and grey pieces. You want a solid tattoo, Chrys will give you one! Chrys is also an accomplished DJ in Calgary and Southern Alberta.


When he's not tattooing, Chrys enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend Winona and spinning amazing beats at shows! Chrys's hourly rate is $165+GST.


Chris Ivens started his tattoo career in Saskatoon  way back in 2004. He relocated to Alberta in 2012, starting out in Red Deer and eventually settling in Calgary. He has a wide and varied tattoo style, doing everything from traditional & illustrative to realistic black and grey. When he's not tattooing, Chris enjoys spending time with his two sons. Chris's hourly rate is $165+GST.
Bill McVey started tattooing in 2002 at Artistic Impressions in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. He continued working there until moving to Alberta in 2015. He started atWhite Tiger Art Studio in High River, but is happy to start working in Calgary at Heroes & Villains! In addition to tattooing, Bill enjoys using pen and ink as an artistic medium, is also a talented calligrapher, and even collects and rebuilds vintage fountain pens. When he’s not tattooing, Bill enjoys journalling and hanging out with his kitty Behemoth. Bill's hourly rate is $165+GST.

Henry is on his second stint at Heroes & Villains and we are happy to have him back! Henry is in the shop by appointment only and enjoys working on portraits, bio-mechanical/bio-organic, dark art, and realistic greyscale tattoos. In addition to working by appointment on the weekends at Heroes & Villains, he works a full-time job during the week! Henry enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. Henry's hourly rate is $165+GST.

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