PiercerDan has decided he's a Calgary native, as he was born in London, Ontario, but makes no secret of the fact that he won't even set foot there anymore. He started piercing in May of 1997 and has never looked back. Dan spent the early part of his career piercing at various shops in Toronto before visiting Calgary for a snowboarding trip in 2005 and deciding that Calgary would be his new home. He is the cat whisperer, the most vocal supporter of implant grade jewelry that any of us have ever met, and is also a talented scarification artist to boot! His favourite passtime is cuddling with his cat Surtr. He enjoys snowboarding, cooking, comic books, rational thinking, and cats - but that last one is outside of shop hours only!

Piercer - Doug Smode

Doug comes to us from Swan Hills, Alberta, and has been interested in body modification for as long as he can remember. He is proud to have trained under PiercerDan. Doug is an accomplished piercer with years of experience - there are only a small handful of piercings Doug doesn't do! Doug is an expert suspension practitioner, having attended training conventions since 2009 and is the head of the Permafrost Suspension Crew, also based out of Calgary, Alberta. Doug is an experienced electrocautery branding artist. He also collects, breeds and sells snakes. 

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