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FAQ Muthafucka! Got a question? Check here first.

You've got questions? We've got answers. If it's not here, give us a call and ask. We'd be happy to help!


Is your shop clean and sterile?

Great question - yes! All of our tattoo equipment is disposable and is only used on one single client. All of the needles we use are put into a puncture-resistant sharps container that is picked up by a biohazard waste disposal company when it’s full. Any re-usable piercing equipment is left to soak in hospital-grade disinfecting solution, then scrubbed by hand, run through an ultrasonic cleaner, soaked in 99% alcohol, run through the autoclave unpackaged, then run through a second autoclave after being packaged. We use a Level 3 (High level) surface disinfectant and cover/bib all areas that the client touches during any procedure.


Why does it say you're open from approximately noon until approximately 7pm? What's with that?

We understand that people have varying work schedules and different days off so we strive to be open every day of the week to accomodate our clients! However, as a small, family-owned business we only have a limited number of staff, so we also need to make time tto accomodate our own lives, plans and needs. We may open a bit late if we don't have any appointments booked right at noon, or close a bit early on certain days if it has been extremely quiet.


Does your shop take walk-ins?

Due to Covid-19 we are not currently taking walk-ins, we ask that all clients phone/email ahead of time to book an appointment.


Can I bring my child/baby with me to me to your shop?

No. As we are currently asking all clients to arrive alone in order to facilitate social distancing we do not allow babies or children into the shop. 



What types of payments do you accept?

Tattoos are cash only. All other services can be paid for with Visa or Mastercard. We do not accept debit but we have an ATM on site. We also offer gift certificates in any denomination. If you're unsure, it's always best to bring cash.



Can I bring a friend with me to my tattoo/piercing appointment?

Unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances we must insist that each person attends their appointment alone. This includes piercings, tattoos, scarification, tattoo touchups, and jewelry changes.




Where can I park?

There is some free underground parking below our building accessible from 15th St SW on the West side of our building. There is a white garage door and when you drive over the black sensor tube on the ground the door should pop open, and you can park in any of the spaces labelled "24 Hour Reserved Customer Parking" If all the parking spaces labelled for customers are taken, please do not park in the numbered spaces - these are the staff spaces for the other businesses and they will try to tow your car. If the parkade is full, try 16th Ave West of 14th St; there is some free street parking in that area.



What if my preferred name doesn't match my ID? Do you need my legal name to book an appointment?

No problem! If for any reason you don't use your legal name this is totally fine with us. When booking an appointment over the phone/online, just give us your preferred name so we know what to call you. When filling out your waiver, please write your preferred name in quotations before your full legal name. This way we won't call you the wrong thing, but if the health board asks we can prove that you are who your ID says you are!  // 403.984.3232  //  1528 - 17th Ave SW  //  Open Thurs-Mon 12 noon until about 7pm
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