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All prices listed are for ONE SINGLE piercing.

Any booking that requires a disposable setup and/or disposable personal protective equipment will incur a setup fee of $15. Price below do not include the setup fee, but include both the piercing service as well as basic implant grade jewelry with no upgrades. Sometimes different anatomy may require different jewelry, which might cost more. We won't know this until we see you in person, so please use this as a guide! For piercing/jewelry payment we accept cash, Visa & MasterCard & have an ATM onsite for debit.


Lobe (single) with CBR (captive bead ring) $80+GST

Lobe (single) with barbell/flat back $100+GST

Lobe (single) with barbell including gem STARTS $110+GST

Helix with CBR (captive bead ring) $80+GST

Helix with barbell/flat back $100+GST

Helix with barbell including gem STARTS $110+GST

Forward helix with barbell/flat back $100+GST

Forward helix including gem STARTS $110+GST

Daith with curved barbell $105+GST

Daith with gem STARTS $115+GST

Rook with curved barbell $105+GST

Rook with barbell including gem STARTS $115+GST

Tragus with barbell/flat back $100+GST

Tragus with barbell including gem STARTS $110+GST

Fore-tragus (surface piercing) $130+GST

Fore-tragus with 2 gems STARTS $150+GST

Conch with barbell $100+GST

Conch with barbell including gem STARTS $110+GST

Industrial STARTS $130+GST

Orbital (CBR through 2 separate piercings) STARTS $100+GST


Nostril with CBR (captive bead ring) $80+GST

Nostril with custom bent nostril screw $80+GST

Nostril with custom bent nostril screw with gem $85+GST

Nostril with threaded barbell/flat back STARTS $100+GST

High nostril STARTS $80+GST

Septum with retainer $100+GST

Eyebrow  $110+GST

Eyebrow with single gem STARTS $120+GST

Anti-Eyebrow (surface piercing) STARTS $130+GST

Anti-Eyebrow (surface piercing) with gems STARTS $150+GST

Micro-Dermal Anchor under eye $90+GST

Micro-Dermal Anchor under eye with gem STARTS $100+GST

Bridge $100+GST

Bridge with gems STARTS $130+GST

Vertical bridge (surface piercing) $130+GST

Vertical bridge with 2 gems STARTS $150+GST

Fore-tragus (surface piercing) $130+GST

Fore-tragus with 2 gems STARTS $150+GST


Tongue (any placement) $100+GST

Tongue with top gem STARTS $110+GST

Cheek (single) $110+GST

Cheek with outer gem (single) STARTS $120+GST

Labret with flat back $100+GST

Labret with gem STARTS $110+GST

Centre lower lip with barbell/flat back $100+GST

Centre lower lip with barbell including gem STARTS $110+GST

Side lower lip with CBR (captive bead ring) $80+GST

Side lower lip with barbell/flat back $100+GST

Side lower lip with barbell/flat back including gem STARTS $110+GST

Philtrum/Medusa $100+GST

Philtrum/Medusa with gem STARTS $110+GST

Monroe $100+GST

Monroe with gem STARTS $110+GST


Navel with barbell $105+GST

Navel with barbell including 2 gems STARTS $135+GST

Lower navel $100+GST

Lower navel with gems STARTS $135+GST

Nipple (single; male, female, other) $100+GST

Vertical nipple (single; male, female, other) $100+GST

Genital piercing (male, female, other) STARTS $130+GST

Micro-Dermal Anchor on lower back dimple STARTS $130+GST

Micro-Dermal Anchor lower back with gem STARTS $150+GST

Surface piercing STARTS $130+GST  // 403.984.3232  //  1528 - 17th Ave SW  //  Open Thurs-Mon 12 noon until about 7pm
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